Two packages of Grilled Hearty Links with fixings

Hearty Links

Butterball’s Hearty Turkey Sausage Links come in two flavors – Old World Smoked Sausage & Polish-Style Sausage. This turkey sausage brings the satisfying coarse ground texture of a bratwurst, but with 70% less fat* than traditional pork sausage. Try it on the grill, heated in a skillet or simply warm in the microwave for a quick, flavorful meal.

Hearty Links

Hearty Turkey Sausage

Available in select stores in two flavors, Old World Smoked and Polish Style, our Hearty Turkey Sausage brings you the satisfying coarse-ground texture of a bratwurst, but with 70% less fat*!

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Your Hearty Turkey Sausage questions, answered

How can I use Hearty Turkey Sausage Links?

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links are very versatile. Being fully cooked, they make a great quick snack heated up in the microwave or an easy lunch or weeknight dinner on the grill or in a skillet. Slice Hearty links into a pasta dish or toss them on a bun for a flavorful meal.

Are Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage links fully cooked?

Yes, these turkey sausage links are fully cooked and ready to heat and eat! They can be microwaved, heated in a skillet or tossed on the grill.

What flavors are available?

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links are available in two flavors: Old World Smoked and Polish-Style.

What makes Hearty Turkey Sausage different from Butterball Dinner Sausage?

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links have a course ground texture, similar to a traditional pork sausage. They’re the length of a traditional bratwurst or sausage bun.